Slurm® Commerical Support and Development

SchedMD® is the core company behind the Slurm workload manager software, a free open-source workload manager designed specifically to satisfy the demanding needs of high performance computing. Slurm is in widespread use at government laboratories, universities and companies world wide. As of the June 2017 Top 500 computer list, Slurm was performing workload management on six of the ten most powerful computers in the world including the number 1 system, Sunway TaihuLight with 10,649,600 computing cores, making it the preferred choice for workload management on the top ten computers in the world.

SchedMD distributes and maintains the canonical version of Slurm as well as providing Slurm support, development, training, installation, and configuration.

Slurm is a highly configurable open-source workload manager. In its simplest configuration, it can be installed and configured in a few minutes (see Caos NSA and Perceus: All-in-one Cluster Software Stack by Jeffrey B. Layton). Use of optional plugins provides the functionality needed to satisfy the needs of demanding HPC centers. More complex configurations rely upon a database for archiving accounting records, managing resource limits by user or bank account, and supporting sophisticated scheduling algorithms.

Meet the founders of SchedMD LLC, Morris Jette and Danny Auble: Research Computing & Engineering, Slurm Podcast

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