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Slurm Scheduler by SchedMD

SchedMD’s Slurm workload manager is the industry standard application, but it’s most effective when coupled with the assistance of our Slurm experts. Trust SchedMD to unlock the door to full Slurm utilization.

What is slurm (1)

Why Choose Slurm?

Slurm is the leading name in job scheduling for high-performance computing. Trusted by laboratories, universities, and research facilities worldwide, Slurm is an open-source platform that utilizes the full potential of high-performance computing, high-throughput computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning environments.

Slurm serves multiple functions, including GPU resource allocation, plugin-based architecture, high scalability, and more. Its functions work together to reduce computation errors, speed up time to market, and reduce costs, making it the industry leader in high-performance computer workload management.

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Slurm Scheduler

Slurm’s ability to allocate resources based on time duration makes it the ideal application for HPC job scheduling. In fact, Slurm is used by approximately 65% of supercomputers run by the TOP500.

Slurm is the combined work of hundreds of experts providing a solution for workload scheduling that’s being used in a variety of environments and industries. That’s why Slurm is trusted by organizations like the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Hewlett-Packard Company, and many more.

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Simplify Your Slurm Workload Today

SchedMD’s Slurm is the most effective solution for high-performance computing. Contact us today to find out more.

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Trust Our Experts

Slurm is an open-source solution, but having the help of experts will ensure that you maximize its capabilities. The engineers at SchedMD have helped dozens of our clients utilize the Slurm workload management platform to generate the most efficient results. The SchedMD team fine-tunes configurations to improve resource consumption by 30-40%. With SchedMD services, enjoy access to Slurm experts through training, consultations, configuration assistance, and support offerings. The experts at SchedMD will help your organization utilize Slurm to its maximum abilities.

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Your Trusted Slurm Support Team

Slurm is an open-source workload manager accessible to anyone, but it can take expert help to utilize Slurm to its full capacity. At SchedMD, we employ a reliable team of Slurm professionals to help you with all your HPC management needs. From implementation to customization, get help from the engineers who actively develop Slurm everyday.

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FAQs About Slurm

What is Slurm?

Slurm is a highly effective and fully scalable workload management and job scheduling system that works for small and large clusters.

What is Slurm used for?

First, it sorts and assigns users access to resources (compute nodes). Second, it establishes a framework for accomplishing work, including starting, executing, and monitoring. Third, it moderates and arbitrates resource competition. These three features reduce cost and increase end user productivity, decrease the error margin while improving scalability, and improve time to market.

Is Slurm a job scheduler?

Yes. Slurm is a job scheduler for functions that ensure resources are allocated to the right places to perform at the highest possible capacity. It’s a system for large, small, and exascale systems.

What industries use Slurm?

Slurm is frequently used in laboratories, universities, research centers, etc. Some of SchedMD’s notable clients include Harvard University, Brigham Young University, Bull, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and the NASA Center for Climate Simulation.

Organize Your Workload Efficiently & Smoothly with SchedMD

Take your efficiency to the next level with Slurm from SchedMD. We can’t wait to do amazing things with you.

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