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SchedMD Slurm Services

Welcome to SchedMD! As the sole provider of support for Slurm, we help you optimize your high-performance computing (HPC), high throughput computing (HTC), artificial intelligence (AI), or machine learning (ML) environment. Our comprehensive range of Slurm services increases your system utilization, all while decreasing cost, error margin, and site disruptions.

Our Slurm services include:

  • Slurm Support Contracts
  • Three-Day On-Site Slurm Training
  • Slurm Consultation Hours
  • Custom Slurm Development
  • Slurm Configuration Assistance
  • Three-Month Slurm Proof of Concept, Including Migration Assistance

Equip yourself and your team with the knowledge and skills needed to manage and utilize the power of Slurm effectively.

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Slurm Services - SchedMD
Slurm Services - SchedMD

Invest in Our 3-Day Onsite Slurm Training

Benefit from three days of on-site, face-to-face training with a Slurm engineer. Our expert training staff will guide you through personalized use case reviews of your environment to teach the fundamentals, advanced features, and best practices of Slurm.

Our Slurm training program empowers administrators, users, and developers with the necessary expertise to make the most of Slurm. This immersive 3-day experience will take you through comprehensive technical scenarios with lectures, demos, and workshop lab environments.

SchedMD training assists in identifying commonalities between previously used resources and schedulers, offering increased understanding and adoption of Slurm’s job scheduling, resource management, and troubleshooting techniques. Maximize the potential of your HPC environment now!

SchedMD Slurm Support gives you direct access to the Slurm Development Team. Our expert engineers assist the world’s largest and most complex HPC and AI systems. With unique HPC workload expertise, our support offering limits your time and money on in-house bug fixes, best-effort support hacks, and unnecessary problem-solving resources.

SchedMD Support includes:

  • Configuration assistance
  • Bug fixes
  • Security updates
  • Direct access and answers from the Slurm Development Team
  • Consulting hours
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Maintain Efficiency During Our 3-Month Migration Process

At SchedMD, we know that old habits die hard. Learning the ins and outs of a supercomputing scheduler is time-consuming, but transitioning from one established practice to another raises questions about lost productivity, decreased security, and overall end-user adoption. Whether you’re looking to enable cloud features, integrate cloud workflows, or simply switch to Slurm from another solution, our Proof of Concept program is the answer to all your concerns.

To mitigate the fears of migration, we’ve created our three-month Proof of Concept POC program, where sites receive:

  • Full access to SchedMD Support
  • Regular consultation calls, configuration reviews, and a dedicated engineer for your POC timeframe
  • Detailed answers directly from the Slurm Development Team on all your complex Slurm questions
  • Patch maintenance, decreased security vulnerability, update management, and more

SchedMD migration steps to Slurm include administrative training, policy replication, and tooling integration. Take advantage of the POC program to drive a seamless and smooth transition to Slurm!

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Slurm Job Scheduler - SchedMD

How Do I Know When I Need Slurm Training?

Diverse complex jobs icon
Your organization deals with a high volume of diverse and complex jobs. Learn how to streamline your workload management processes.
Scheduling icon
You face performance bottlenecks, resource conflicts, or inefficient scheduling. Learn to use the tools necessary to optimize your system’s performance.
Guidance for best practices icon
Your team needs guidance on Slurm best practices, troubleshooting, and optimization. Bridge the knowledge gap and empower your team to handle any situation.
Expand hpc environment icon
You plan to expand your HPC environment or implement new features. Learn how to expand smoothly without disruptions.
Reduce costs icon
You want to optimize resource utilization, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. Learn to utilize Slurm’s advanced optimization features.
Configure slurm environment icon
You need help configuring your Slurm environment. Learn how to tailor Slurm to your unique performance and efficiency requirements.
Gain valuable skill icon
You want to gain a valuable and marketable skill set. Gain a valuable understanding of Slurm, a highly sought-after skill in the job market.

SchedMD Service Consultation

Schedule a consultation with our team at SchedMD to explore how our Slurm services can benefit your organization and help you optimize your HPC environment.

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Slurm Training Consultation - SchedMD

SchedMD Services & Training FAQ’s

Can SchedMD provide remote training options for Slurm?

Yes, we offer remote training options in addition to our onsite training program.

Does SchedMD offer ongoing support after the completion of training?

Yes, we provide ongoing support to ensure that you continue to maximize the benefits of Slurm.

How can SchedMD assist with optimizing job scheduling in Slurm?

Our experts can provide guidance and best practices for efficient job scheduling to improve system performance.

Does SchedMD offer customized Slurm workshops tailored to specific needs?

Yes, we can tailor workshops to address specific requirements, providing targeted training for your organization.

Can SchedMD help integrate Slurm with other HPC system components?

Absolutely. We have extensive experience in integrating Slurm with other components of HPC environments.

What is the process for scheduling a consultation with SchedMD?

To schedule a consultation with SchedMD for Slurm services, contact us.

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Take your efficiency to the next level with Slurm from SchedMD. We can’t wait to do amazing things with you.

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