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About SchedMD & Slurm

SchedMD offers support, training, configuration, customization, and other services for Slurm’s high-performance computing software.

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What is Slurm?

Slurm is the industry standard workload manager trusted by institutions across the globe. It queues and schedules jobs for small, large, and exascale clusters allocating resources based on the computational needs of your application.

Slurm also functions well with plugins and REST API. Optional plugins include tools for accounting, resource limits, SLA/QOS, advanced reservation, backfill scheduling, and more. SchedMD helps troubleshoot and customize Slurm configuration depending on the needs of an organization.

Slurm utilization consistently results in faster computation time, decreases user errors, improves time to market, reduces operating costs, and more. Slurm’s benefits are impressionable on many sites spanning various industries.

Slurm overview
How was slurm started

Slurm History

In 2001, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) began investigating the move from proprietary high-performance computer systems to commodity hardware and open-source software. That investigation identified that suitable open-source software for resource managers was lacking. From this, Slurm was born.

Slurm’s initial release as a simple resource manager occurred in 2002. In the coming years, Slurm evolved to support a variety of processor types, network architectures, and MPI implementations. As the demands on Slurm increased, necessary support was established in 2008. In 2010, basic scheduling logic was added to Slurm, enabling it to function as a stand-alone resource manager and scheduler.

SchedMD was founded in 2010 by the lead Slurm developers, Morris “Moe” Jette and Danny Auble, in Livermore, CA. SchedMD relocated to Lehi, Utah, in 2017. Today SchedMD employs a staff of 40 across four countries, and Slurm performs workload management for research institutions, laboratories, and universities worldwide.

Used by over 65% of TOP500 systems, Slurm is universally viewed as the industry standard for HPC management software, with SchedMD services helping organizations utilize Slurm to its maximum capacity.

Praise for SchedMD Support

“We have been a SchedMD support customer for seven years. They’ve always given timely, high quality responses.”

Technical University of Denmark

Meet the SchedMD Team

The SchedMD team represents the best in the HPC management software industry. SchedMD is led by a team of professionals rich with experience and expertise. Learn more to see why the SchedMD team is trusted around the world.

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