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Slurm Version 24.05.0rc1 is Now Available

By May 14, 2024No Comments

Slurm version 24.05.0rc1 is now available

We are pleased to announce the availability of Slurm release candidate version 24.05.0rc1.

To highlight some new features coming in 24.05:

  • (Optional) isolated Job Step management. Enabled on a job-by-job basis with the –stepmgr option, or globally through SlurmctldParameters=enable_stepmgr.
  • Federation – Allow for client command operation while SlurmDBD is unavailable.
  • New MaxTRESRunMinsPerAccount and MaxTRESRunMinsPerUser QOS limits.
  • New USER_DELETE reservation flag.
  • New Flags=rebootless option on Features for node_features/helpers which indicates the given feature can be enabled without rebooting the node.
  • Cloud power management options: New “max_powered_nodes=<limit>” option in SlurmctldParamters, and new SuspendExcNodes=<nodes>:<count> syntax allowing for <count> nodes out of a given node list to be excluded.
  • StdIn/StdOut/StdErr now stored in SlurmDBD accounting records for batch jobs.
  • New switch/nvidia_imex plugin for IMEX channel management on NVIDIA systems.
  • New RestrictedCoresPerGPU option at the Node level, designed to ensure GPU workloads always have access to a certain number of CPUs even when nodes are running non-GPU workloads concurrently.

This is the first release candidate of the upcoming 24.05 release series, and represents the end of development for this release, and a finalization of the RPC and state file formats.

If any issues are identified with this release candidate, please report them through against the 24.05.x version and we will address them before the first production 24.05.0 release is made.

Please note that the release candidates are not intended for production use.

A preview of the updated documentation can be found at here.

Downloads are available here.